How Can Digital Marketing Work for the Enhancement of Startups?

Searching for a business in the yellow-pages in a telephone directory is a thing of the past now. With rapid advancement of technology and digital dominance today, finding every brand is a matter of few clicks for potential customers. Hence, in this online domain where small or medium brands compete with their bigger counterparts, it’s pretty challenging for startups to thrive.

However, the good news is – effective digital marketing can help promote a startup, that too at minimal budget. Proper strategy would build and convert leads, keeping customers engaged.

Still wondering how can digital marketing boost startups? Well, take a look at the below pointers.

Search Engine Optimization

Build an alluring website – check. But is the numbers of traffic way less than desired?

As there are so many sites of the same genre, to stand out among the competitors in the search results is not easy and does’t happen overnight. For that, relevant keywords and links need to be used strategically.

Search engine optimization will not only help startups have a better ranking and generate more traffic but also make the site seem trustworthy. Statistics reveal that SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% for traditional outbound methods.

Prioritize on Creating Quality Content

Focus on content quality more than quantity. It keeps the potential customers engaged and increase chances of conversion. Unique, informative and innovative contents are still a goldmine for marketers as these encourage more interactions, building a loyal clientele base.

#Additional tip – Make sure your content is easy on the eye and adds some value to the audience. Also, nowadays, most web searches are done from mobiles. So, the content must be optimized for mobiles as even Google is instrumental for 96% of all smartphone search traffic.

Use Email Marketing

Even in 2018, email marketing remains an effective way of promoting services or product to the potential or existing customers. It has an outstanding Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. around 122% according to surveys.

Startups who can’t afford to miss any leads should definitely go for this as a well-crafted, crisp, commercial email can convince a lot of customers.

Target Social Media Platforms

Marketing agencies often shift their main focus on social media platforms as it is way easier and inexpensive to create as well as publish contents on social media. Informative contents mixed with a pinch of creativity can spark a lot of buzz there.

Most of the startups do not have the resources like big brands to invest heavily for social media promotion and ads. But they can show off their products, deliberately mentioning the USP to the audience. It would build anticipation as most users like new and innovative products.

Once you have a social media account set up (for example, Instagram), one of the first steps you can do is to buy instagram followers. This will help give your brand an increased brand size perception.

Wrapping it Up

Though with pay per click ads, you can reach your customers at the right time but do not fully rely on using this method as it may cause budgetary problems. Also, keep a close look at your rivals and try to learn from them. It would help build counter or impromptu strategies for maximum benefit.

As a startup, you should ensure effective digital marketing strategies to create a positive first impression of the product or service even before it hits the market. This would give an idea of how the consumers welcome the product and their feedback can also help in long-term growth.

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